Friday, April 23, 2010

loves this quotes...

  • tHat LiFe Is TheRe 2 eNjoY
  • CruSHES r ThEre 2 crUSH Hearts
  • tRUE LuV is therE fROm the sTArt
  • u ShoulD giVE peoplE ChanCES
  • tHAT gooD thingS wilL come To pEoPLe wHO w0rK HArd
  • gREat THINgs COme to pEOPle wHo nevA GIve up
  • silence wiLL teach u SOMETHING iF u LIsten HARD
  • tHAT thE hEARt Leads U in THE rIGHt DIrectION IF u fOLLow It
  • fRiENdS r NEEDed NO matter WHo u R..Fmily sHould stick BY ur SIDE,,GOD wiLL heLP u if U belIeve in HIM n trUST in HIM
  • sleepS CAlm THE soul
  • tHE heart N thE Soul R mosT imPortant than LOOKS
  • loVE brings greAT things
  • U SHoULD oweST chASE ur Dreams
but must IMPORTANTLY, I BELIEVE in owest showing ur true colors...
just being who u r, and not trying 2 b more 4 someone 0ther than urself...