Wednesday, June 23, 2010

foolish heart

People come..people go..
It all starts with one hello
then goodbye..
Everything end's didn't it?
Endless pain..dont you feel it?

All alone..alone ..alone..
Sounding on my head repeatedly..
Only silence and darkness is with me..

Take me..away...away from here..
I wanna escape from this misery..
Heartache? like i used to feel?
Hope I will never feel it again but is it real?

Faking a smile..faking a laugh
but deep inside all i feel is pain..
the shame..shame..the blame..

Burns me to ashes..
Tears me to pieces..

Why do everything comes to an end?
Why do leaving always drives me crazy?

Do I still believe in love?
Will i ever get tired?
Will i ever love again..?

Now i'm so scared but I'm losing grip again...

it ends tonight..

*i need sumone to lean really hurt when someone that u love dont ever believe that you really love him..:-(